Members and Friends

Rotarians are enthusiastic men and women who want to contribute to the wellbeing of their local community and on a wider scale, helping to reduce suffering in less affluent countries. Our club has about 50 membersand all are involved in many of its activities.

Members enjoy getting involved in a wide range of service activities including charitable fundraising, working with schools, mentoring young leaders and helping the elderly.

The club is very social and members form lasting friendships. As well as regular meetings there are social events which are always enjoyable and well-attended. If this sounds like something in which you would like to be involved, please make contact via the Contact Us link.

Friends of Rotary

We welcome the opportunity to share our fellowship and community service with men and women who are able to offer any time they can spare to support our projects.

A friend of Rotary is welcome to attend meetings of the club, attend social activities or assist in fundraising activities and service projects organised by the club.

A Friend is not required to pay a membership fee or subscription. There is no minimum attendance requirement at club meetings, social or fundraising events. There is more information on our website about what we do. If you are interested in becoming a friend, please click the "Contact us" link.