Rotary Club of Reading Maiden Erlegh Club Diary

Tuesday 19th January

Mike will be extolling the Masters of Mirth

Tuesday 26th January

This evening all matters relating to Club Business will be raised and discussed

Each team leader will be invited to give an over view of the past 6 months

Tuesday 2nd February

Chalmers will be enlightening us all about transporting people to Australia

The talk will be centred around Benjamin Cusley - Cordwainer, Royal Marine, First Fleetr and Hawkesbury Pioneer from 1752

Tuesday 16th February

Paul Whittle will once again be talking about another one of his amazing adventures

Tuesday 2nd March

The Rev. Keith Richardson will be giving us a Fascinating look at the special way of the Amish lifestyle

Tuesday 16th March

Sally Mortimer & Anne Nolan will be talking about book publishing

Tuesday 30th March

Chalmers Chursley informs us how to search for your family history