Since Rotary's founding in 1905, Rotarians have worked tirelessly to help improve communities both locally and throughout the world. Community Service is work done in our locality. 
As active members of our communities, Rotarians are often aware of local needs, priorities, and culture and hence allocate resources effectively.  We provide financial and physical, support to our local community.  

Current or recently supported activities by our club include: 

  • ABC to Read, helping Berkshire children to improve reading skills.
  • The Royal Berkshire Hospital projects including the Faxitron breast cancer scanning system, the Ultrasound Scanner appeal and the design and refurbishment of one of the hospital's garden recreation areas.
  • The Bulmershe Gymnastics Club.
  • Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service.
  • Woodley Food Store: Provision of a laptop to support the increasing activity of this worthy service.
  • Grace's garden:  Creation of a safe and level garden playing space for a young child with mobility difficulties.
  • Yeldall Manor:  Financial support to upgrade kitchen facilities at the Manor where help is given to men with addiction problems.
  • Mobility Trust:  Provision of a scooter to a local person with mobility problems.
  • Wargrave Pre-School group and CampMohawk, in conjunction with Wargrave Theatre Workshop.
  • Royal British Legion:  Each year, Rotarians volunteer to collect for the Royal British Legion on Poppy Day in Reading.
  • The Stroke Association: Assistance with Blood Pressure Awareness Day.
  • Liberty of Earley House: Help with the maintenance of garden furniture, provision of recreational activities and support the use of computers and the internet for residents.
  • CIRDIC (Churches in Reading Drop in Centre): Financial and physical help including the donation of second hand clothes.
  • Whitley Park School: Members helped in one-to-one reading, maintenance of equipment, support on Kids Out days and the provision of books.
  • Talking Newspapers: Members regularly help in the production of audio versions of newspaper articles for visually-impaired people.
  • Waterside Centre: Hands-on work to create an outside meeting area at the site beside the River Thames in Reading.
  • Financial support to local charities such as Thrive, Woodley Age Concern and Crossroads.